Technology in the Classroom 

       In our evolving world, I believe that students need to be equipped with skills that allow them to be competitive on a global scale. Technology enables students to access vast amounts of information in mere seconds. I have found that the effective use of technology makes lessons more engaging and efficient.  Additionally, students are able to gain experience and a level of comfort with the tools that will be an integral part of their 21st century world.

 SMART Board (Interactive Whiteboard)

        During the 2009-2010 school year, I was able to use a SMART Board daily to enhance lessons in various content areas. For example, fifth grade students were able to manipulate and measure angles during Calendar Math, highlight various literary devices for hands-on guided practice in writing lessons, and label the inner layers of the Earth during science. 


        Moodle is an online learning tool that allows teachers to create classroom websites. I used this tool to share links to virtual field trips and other educational resources with my students. This tool also allowed my students to complete online forums, chats, and quizzes. Podcasts, created with iLife applications, were also shared via Moodle. 

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