Student Teaching Internship

        During my senior year at the Pennsylvania State University, I was selected to participate in the award-winning Pennsylvania State University Professional Development School, or PDS. As a PDS intern, I was able to spend an entire school year gaining practical experience in the State College Area School District. My primary placement was in a fifth grade, self-contained classroom under the guidance of an exceptional mentor teacher. Moreover, I was able to choose partner classrooms, which allowed me to observe and assist in the instruction of second grade and kindergarten students. 

        Completing a yearlong placement afforded me many benefits. I was able to become a consistent member of the school's culture. This allowed me to participate in all teacher tranings and events that a first year teacher in the district would complete. For instance, I was able to attend and contribute to grade level curriculum meetings and conduct parent-teacher conferences.

        The internship is structured to allow interns to simultaneously begin their student teaching and complete pedagogical coursework during the first half of the school year. During the second half of the school year, interns complete their daily student teaching and attend evening professional seminars twice a week. During professional seminars, I was able to discuss and reflect on various topics such as cultural proficiency, instructional planning, educational leadership, and the implementation of technology. Through these seminars, I was instilled with a value of reflection and collaboration among colleagues. I feel that these practices are essential in order to attain continual improvement and professional growth.  

 Inquiry Conference 2010

        One of the most valuable experiences of my internship was the completion of a teacher inquiry.  Through ongoing questioning and analysis of my teaching practices, I was able to improve my instructional techniques. I now feel prepared to view the challenges that may arise in my classroom as opportunities to grow and improve. To learn more about my inquiry, Using Children's Literature to Help Fifth Grade Students Obtain Their Writing Goals, please view the links below.

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